International I.M. Well

Living and studying in a foreign country can present a wide range of social, cultural and emotional challenges. Learning a new language, living far away from home and family, and being in a completely new environment make some of the simplest aspects of day-to-day living difficult. In addition to the great benefits offered by I.M. Well, International I.M. Well provides additional services that are specific to supporting international students while they are in Canada.

These programs are designed from 30 years of experience in the international student community, and by working with current and graduated international students as our greatest consultants. We're here, because you're here!

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International S.A.P.

24/7 365 support and counselling in 180 languages. International students can seek confidential, support for various social, academic and personal concerns anytime, anywhere in their native language through real time translators.

Interpreter Serices

Real time translation services available in 180 languages via telephone. Interpreters can assist in effective communication between international students and faculty, department staff, doctors and more. Confidential, and easy communication services to enhance the efficiency and reduce confusion in interactions in the day to day lives of international students.

Continuity of Care Strategy

A customizable program designed to maintain support for students who are ready to transition back to their daily lives after experiencing a mental health issue.

Student VIP International specializes in customized inbound and outbound international health plans and mental wellness programs in the post secondary market.

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